Online Dating Infographic…

Some interesting statistics. In the world of online dating. Dating statistics offer very clear evidence that the digital dating trend is still on the rise. The real question remains however: “Does online dating really work?

The best way to answer this question is to take a broad look at online dating statistics and see how successful others have been in beginning romantic relationships online. Personally I would take meeting organically or by chance any day over online..but that is just me I need to have a chemistry immediately that online dating can  never give me.  I do not know anyone who has anything good to say about online dating. Both men and women say it is just for the hook-up. I think when online dating 1st became popular around 7-10 years ago, it was taken much more seriously than it is today. Now it is just a free for all of sex freaks and guys and some girls looking for a booty call. This seems to be everyone who I ask about it who has actually done it. Some of them say I had to just get off of it for awhile. Like it’s an addiction which I think it can be.  What are your thoughts on this topic?


Do You Believe In Love?

              My parents were Soul Mates and this is dedicated to them ❤

In those rare moments when we do meet heart-to-heart, emotionally and psychologically naked, we feel exhilarated and awake to a degree we seldom experience anywhere else in our lives…at these moments we feel known and loved, accurately and fully.  These experiences stand out above all others, becoming the gold standard for feeling connected, cared for, and cherished.

We then mistakenly attribute the immeasurable celebration this elicits in us to the way we experienced this opening, instead of understanding it as a reflection of our natural state when are hearts are undefended and available.

Undefended Love by Marlena S. Lyons & Jett Psaris

An Undefended Heart

Remember when you were a young adult and YOU believed in love?

If so, you know what Lyons and Psaris are talking about.  You probably have memories of the bliss they’re describing.  Your heart was open, undefended.

Maybe you still do believe in love.  It’s easy, though, after a few bruises in the land of love, to close your heart.

You may become jaded and no longer believe in love, telling yourself you were naive and foolish when you were young.

And I get it, but this doesn’t have to be you.

You get to choose.

You can love with an undefended heart.

Your years of relationship experience and a path of personal transformation can guide you back into a place of restoring your belief in love.

YOU Are The Key To Love

As Lyons and Psaris show us, we mistakenly attribute our beautiful feelings of love as being generated by an outside source (person), when in actuality that person only triggers your feelings of love The love you feel is generated inside yourself.

I remember when my beautiful grandmother died.  I felt sad to think that the incredible humor, love and playfulness she brought to me was gone.  A few years later I realized they weren’t gone at all.  Her humor and playfulness live in me in a huge way.  I love to laugh and play.

Love is like this. Love is an energy we generate within us.

Love more and love will find you at every corner. We attract what we emanate.

Open your heart, wisely, and you’ll be amazed at the love that flows your way.

How Undefended Is Your Heart?

  • How open is your heart these days?
  • Do you believe in love?
  • Are you experiencing love in your life?
  • How much are you loving yourself?
  • How are you generating love in your life? 

My commitment to myself is to experience more and more love in my own life and it’s an awesome journey.  I hope you’ve made this commitment to yourself, or that you will now.  Remember, you get to choose.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on love and opening your heart.

May you experience the most open-hearted, loving, and best relationships ever!