How Attractive and Beautiful Are You

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These might be questions you might think would be asked to know if you are “beautiful” or not:
1. How much money do you have?
2. Do you look like a beautiful celebrity or model?
3. How much do you spend on your hair or beauty treatments?
4. Do you know you are better than looking than everyone else?
5. Do people tell you all the time that you are beautiful?
The most beautiful people I’ve ever been around…had beauty from a place that will never get wrinkles, need plastic surgery, and you could “see” the beauty without even needing to use your eyes. You can FEEL their beauty.
BEAUTY, as cliche as it sounds, can’t be bought in any make-up product- sure you can glam up, doll up, cover up in make-up… but the beauty I’m talking about… the beauty that is attractive… that people want to be around… that people feel better for being around… truly comes from the heart.
 I have met many girls and women, that yes, may have appeared to be “eye beautiful”…but they were not “heart beautiful”.


I have talked to several of my guy friends over the years, and always found it funny that they would talk about a girl that was “outwardly beautiful”, but she was so boring or rude, or negative, or sarcastic, or conceited…that they couldn’t stand them.
 I myself have seen or known women, that had faces that were just stunning, but the second they spoke, you could see how “unstunnning” their attitude was.
 I also have a friend, that is not what the world would call a “perfect face” or “thin”..but her personality is so happy, fun, and full of laughter and smiles…that no matter where we’d go- guys would be lining up to get her phone number. You’d have thought she was the world’s most attractive woman!
Next time you look in the mirror..don’t ask yourself then if you are beautiful…… When you see the smile you can give to other people and the love and compliments you can give to others….then ask yourself how beautiful you are.
All outside beauty will fade….but the beauty of the heart will shine til your last day on Earth.
BEAUTY MISSION: TODAY….give someone a compliment yes the one you think of telling someone but never do. Smile more…a real smile, one that might even show your teeth! Don’t walk through a store or restaurant as if you’re the only one that matters…share a smile, offer someone to go in line in front of you that has less things, or tell someone that they’re doing a great job, or they look great…leave a trail of beauty wherever you go!
hugs and always remember, you’re more beautiful than you know more talented than you think and more love than you can imagine…. love from my heart to yours, you beautiful thing, you.~ Kandee  Johnson
Beauty to the eyes will fade…Beauty to the heart will last a lifetime and will touch many lives.

A subject so dear to me. When someone you love and trust  crushes not only your dreams but also your self-esteem It is a process to build it back . It was not as easy as you would think for me. You know if you follow my blog . To hear someone I loved call me unattractive and tell me I will never be as beautiful as the girl he was stalking days after we parted did something to me inside. It was a process to undo it and it did take time. I am still not 100% on the self esteem however it is much better then it was 2 years ago when i starved myself and shut down from the world. Now at least I am healthy and working out and eating good clean food . I believe happy girls who smile are the most beautiful girls . It’s not about being a size zero or what color hair you have or having blue eyes or fake boobs . It’s about being happy and when you give off that vibe people want to be around you! 🙂