I came across this blog and found this post to be so uplifting and very wise please check it out.

The Wise One once said...

Forgiveness is finding that place of peace in your mind, in your heart and soul to live for now and live with gratitude.  Being grateful for what you do have in this moment in spite of those perpetual anxieties of the past which unconsciously contemplate the next cycle. Forgiveness is indeed giving up the hope of what might have been.

Choose not to reciprocate a cycle of pain and violence…pain through words, violence in thoughts or actions.  Decide presence, solitude, and silence first. Reciprocate the calm; reciprocate the peace you now feel.

Do you want to render the future obsolete?  Or do you want live the rest of your life from a place of benevolence, belief and courage?  Are you operating from a place of scarcity?  It feels to me as though it is a program for some with the deplorable past that they affirm.

True forgiveness is when you can…

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