A Liar’s Love Story

My friend said to me today . I’m concerned that you have not dated anyone serious since you broke up with A**.  She said maybe you should go speak to somebody Lori. I don’t think its normal that you still sometimes tear up when you think of him and when you mention him the sorrow in you it just…it  isn’t right………..

So to my dear friend Nikki I say this. We are all different in the way we think ,they way we love and how we heal.

For me this man who I lived with for 2 years and was going to marry was the love of my life. Or so he made me believe I was his as well.

You see Niki, I believed in my heart this was my one, That this was my soul mate the person I had waited for my whole life.  I didn’t fantasize this belief in my head . We both shared these feelings…… or so I thought. You see this man did and said everything so on point and on cue it was like  a script from the greatest love story ever told.  Not until the day that I found out I was losing my then 6 figure job did I see who he actually was for the 1st time. Not until that day that he looked at me, as I was telling him the events that were about to unfold in my life as he turned to me and said. I don’t love you anymore in fact I like you less than when I 1st met you.  Then I discovered what he really was. The universe will always find a way to show you the truth. The man I was madly in love with was fake, an actor , a narcissistic sociopath,  He was stalking someone else days after we parted.  He sat idle as he watched me lose everything I owned. He frequents the internet looking for couples to have sex with he is on every sex/swinger website you could find.  I don’t know if he is Bi or just a plain freak, funny thing is he was always timid when it came to sex with me.

See Niki the person I loved this great guy that use to light up my world just by coming into the room. He died.

That is how my brain processed it. He is dead because he really never existed. And part of me died as well.


11 Responses to “A Liar’s Love Story”

  1. maryfollowsthelamb Says:


  2. Yes! It was a death for me, also. I grieved the loss of a fantasy person. And now I am dealing with the greatest evil I have ever faced.

  3. @paula
    I guess you have to go through something similar to understand fully. you really understand what it feels like. I know my friends mean well and i hope they never have to go through a pain like that.
    More then just losing someone you loved . I actually felt like a widow if that makes sense.

    • I completely get it. I even sent him a link to the steps to grieving in trying to explain to him why I would not call him on his birthday last year. I told him that because the relationship was so toxic, the breakup was unlike any breakup I have ever experienced. I explained it in terms of a death and he simply replied by saying I was nuts and needed help. Ha!! I refused to get sucked back into his games and kept telling myself that the person who i cared about is dead. The person who is hurting my spirit is a figment of my imagination, a character from a story. 🙂

  4. Nektaria (NIKI) Says:

    For not only my friend but for ANYONE that has gone or is going through this, I AM SO SORRY that this is happening to you BUUUUT if you give your heart to JESUS and have faith, I PROMISE YOU,your “rock” in your heart will feel lighter and you will be able to live life better. Life doesn’t make sense most of the time so they say but I believe it makes a lot of sense. WE as humans should never allow a man,woman, to take the best of….OUR DIGNITY!!!

    I can only speak on my behalf and say that I as fell HARD for someone that took my soul,my heart, MY DIGNITY and the ONLY and I repeat, the ONLY one I turned to (with not a voice response) was my LORD and savior, JESUS CHRIST!!!

  5. Hearts break. Not by choice. But the healing journey is of our choosing. It is different for each and every one of us… but one thing is certain, it can never begin until we choose to take that first step. Each of us deserve happiness, each of us need to wake up to the fact that happiness is a choice. We can take away the power we’ve given to another to make us that miserable. They will never give it to us. We HAVE to take it. If the strength to do that is lacking initially (which it was in my case after the love of my life left a week and half after I miscarried), I vowed to make myself stronger by going to the gym every day. Sometimes we have to work from the outside in. Ask yourself where you want to be a year from today. Imagine what life would be life if you don’t take back your power… Then imagine what it would be like if you did. Anything is possible… Wishing you much joy! Blessings, Lisa

  6. I felt as though I was reading my own story, of love, and loss,.. thank you

  7. I have been reading all of your comments on here and I thought I was totally alone in this. I thank you all for your posts, I can relate whole heartedly to all of them. I just wish I could find the strength to severe all ties with the man I gave my heart and soul to. My spirit is totally broken and I keep getting drawn in by him, realizing it is his game. But still it hurts so much and deep down there is a part of me that keeps hoping that the person I fell in love with would come back. I am so lost and don’t know what to do…

    • Tracy,
      Thank you for your kind words
      . I am sorry you are in pain. Just know it really will get better 😊 sometimes it helps to write about your pain . For me it was very cathartic. Focus on yourself and things that make you happy even if it is a certain song, listen to it over and over and in time you will feel better. Day by day.

      Peace & Love to you . ✌🏼️❣

    • I was the same Tracy, I just kept getting drawn in, I kept handing him the gun to shoot me just that one more time. But one day I just made the decision to block him on the phone, email, social media. That was about a fortnight ago. I’m feeling teary today – I think its an addiction and the sadness today is the withdrawals from him. I’m trying to pretend that he is dead and essentially the man that I knew is dead because he never existed. I met a cute guy on Tinder, I don’t know if it will go anywhere but I’m going to get drunk and have wild sex all night long tonight, in an effort to forge into the future and leave the past behind.

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